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Senior Pet Care

If your older pet receives the proper medical attention, they can live a long, healthy life. At County Line Animal Hospital, we provide customized healthcare regimens specifically designed for senior cats and dogs.

Senior Pet Care in Spring Hill, FL

We love our senior pet patients! Senior pets have special needs and benefit from more regular veterinary visits compared to their younger counterparts.


Senior Pet Care

Senior pets still love you the same, but they just can’t do all the things they used to do to show it. The aging process from adulthood to senior life occurs much faster in pets than the aging process in humans. Sometimes the transition is as fast as 6 months. They move slower, and the stairs are a chore to get up and down.

We recommend that you visit our hospital more often (every 6 months). This way, we can monitor your pet and keep track of any issues that might arise based on their advanced years. We want them to have a wonderful senior life just like you do. Contact us today to learn more.