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Adult Pet Care

Caring for your pet at every stage of their life.

Adult Pet Care in Spring Hill, FL

Pets remind us we are obligated and have a responsibility to preserve, nurture, and care for all life. Our team is here to help you care for your pets no matter their life stage.


Adult Pet Care

Once your pet passes the puppy and kitten years, they need booster vaccinations and heartworm medication. These years are critical as you prepare your pet for senior pet status later down the road. Staying healthy and strong is the key to a vibrant senior life, and we are here to guide you through these stages.

As adults, your pets have several different health needs than when they were puppies and kittens.

Instituting good health practices in your pet’s early years will help you continue the practice of good health as they get older.

Once those cute little puppy and kitten visits have concluded, we recommend adult dogs and cats have a semi-annual veterinary exam.

These visits usually include:

  • A physical examination from nose to tail.
  • Your pet can’t talk, but their blood work can. We recommend blood work analysis to check for proper blood chemistry levels and proper organ functioning and to check against the baseline labs we collected while they were in their puppy or kitten stage.
  • A parasite screening, which includes a fecal sample.
  • A heartworm test will be run to check for worms in the heart.
  • A vaccination schedule that ensures your pets are protected from various diseases.
  • We will have a very important discussion on a healthy diet for your pet.
  • A serious discussion on your pet’s lifestyle and behavior.