Our pharmacy is stocked with most of your pet's medications.  Upon occasion, your pet may require medication we are unable to carry.  In that event, our veterinarians will write a prescription that can be filled at the outside pharmacy of your choice.

There are some legal restrictions that apply concerning prescription medications.  Our hospital is allowed to only fill prescriptions for pets that have been examined by our veterinarians within the past 12 months, have records that show the medication has been prescribed by a veterinarian for that pet, have any required testing performed within the past 12 months, and have records that show the pet has been taking the prescribed medication at the proper dosage. 

Further regulations state that once any prescription medication has left our building, we are unable to take it back and issue credit.  We understand that mistakes can happen so we ask that you, the client, help us prevent those mistakes by double-checking your prescriptions before you leave the hospital.  We ask that our clients call us 24 hours in advance to give our staff adequate time to fill your prescriptions properly.  Special order prescriptions must be called in by Tuesday evening and are usually available for pick-up at our hospital that Saturday.

Upon occasion, our pharmacy will run out of a prescription medication due to manufacturer back-order or a simple "run" on the medication.  Please call us for a refill of your pet's medication before it runs out.  That gives us time to either obtain more medication to fill your prescription or to find an alternate source or medication for your pet.

Some clients will use the services of "on-line" pharmacies for convenience or financial reasons.  Those pharmacies must fax us your prescription requests and the above legal restrictions still apply.  Our prices for many prescription medications is comparable to many of those pharmacies so we ask that you please check our prices before making your final purchase.  Also, some on-line pharmacies are either not based in the United States or obtain their medications from sources outside of the United States.  Many of those medications do not meet FDA regulations.  Also, please be aware that those pharmacies are basically a large warehouse with minimal overhead.  Drs. Foster and Smith do not have a hospital and staff able to treat your pet when it is ill.

For the convenience of our clients, we now offer them the ability to e-mail their refill requests to us and their medications can be mailed directly to their home.  Please visit our Store for more details. 

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