Our Staff

Dr. David MacMahon

Veterinarian -  Dr. MacMahon is the primary veterinarian at County Line Animal Hospital.  He has been a Florida resident for most of his life, and graduated from the University of Florida Veterinary College in 1989.  Dr. MacMahon has been with this hospital almost since its inception in 1989.  He worked as an associate for 5½ years and became the owner in 1995.  Dr. MacMahon has worked to improve the quality care provided by his hospital, and strives to continue a practice of affordable, quality pet care in an atmosphere of friendly, professional visits.  His special interests are in the field of Soft Tissue Surgery and Dermatology.  His practice is limited to the special care of our canine and feline companions.


Susan Willis

Veterinarian Technician -  Susan has been a Certified Veterinary Technician since 1983.  She has been with our hospital since March 1998. Susan is willing to take the time to share her knowledge and educate our clients in all aspects concerning the care of their pets.  She keeps the hospital fully supplied as well as intercepting many of the smaller day-to-day issues so that Dr. MacMahon can focus on patient care.  Susan is also able to provide our clients with basic care and husbandry tips for their exotic pets.


"Gidget" Ginger Leistman

Veterinary Assistant -  Coming to us with 12 years experience at other veterinary hospitals, Gidget has been with us since December 2005.  Her vivacious personality, paired with her knowledge in the profession, has created a member of our staff that is well-loved by both our clients and her fellow staff members.  Gidget is quoted as saying, "The best thing of all is waking up every morning knowing I am going to love my day, helping others and their beloved pets!"


Melissa Shultz Melissa Shultz

Office Manager/Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist -  Melissa was welcomed to our staff in early 2016 and immediately fit right in our hospital.  Her enthusiasm, energy and "git er done" attitude has made her a valuable asset.  She is working to become a Certified Veterinary Technician and has recently taken on the difficult task of Office Manager.  We know she is ready for the challenge and will succeed at everything she does.


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