Routine Surgery

Our hospital is able to perform all routine surgical procedures on your pet.  These include spays, neuters, feline declaws and dental prophylaxis.  These procedures are performed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We may ask for a minimal deposit of $25 to schedule these procedures.  These deposits would be credited towards the total fee for the procedure.  Should you need to cancel your appointment for any reason other than an emergency, we would require notice at least 72 business hours in advance or your deposit may be forfeited.

Your pet may be required to have a physical examination performed by our veterinarian prior to surgery in order to determine the health status of your pet and any potential risks that may occur as a result of the anesthesia or procedure.  To help in this determination, we may require pre-anesthitic blood testing.  These blood tests are already included in our fees for all dental phrophylxis but would be additional for any other surgical procedure.

Your pet will be required to be fasted overnight with no water intake in the morning.  Unless specified otherwise, your pet is to be dropped off at our hospital between 8:00AM and 8:30AM the morning of the scheduled procedure.  Our technicians will discuss the procedure(s) with you at that time and have you sign a few permission forms.  Procedures are usually performed mid-day and these few short hours in the morning gives our technicians time to obtain and perform blood tests and for our veterinarian to evaluate the results.  During this time, your pet will be given any required/optional medication, such as for pain, as well as be observed for any other issues that may need to be addressed prior to, during, or after the surgical procedure.

Once the procedure is completed and your pet is in recovery, our staff will notify you to schedule a time for you to pick up your pet.  For most procedures, your pet will be able to home that afternoon, exact time varying depending upon how well your pet recovers from the anesthesia.  Cats having been declawed will spend the night and can be picked up the following morning around 10:00AM.  Our technicians will review any special discharge instructions with you when you pick up your pet.  You are encouraged to call us at any time during business hours should you have any concerns following your pet's procedure.  The emergency clinics are also available for you after hours should an emergency situation arise.

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